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100% Australian Opal, Ethically Mined from the Earth



This One of a Kind 14KT Yellow Gold & Diamond Australian Opal Jewellery Set featuring a brilliant Opal necklace & pair of earrings is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection presented at a stellar price. Please read below for information on each of the included pieces! (1) 14KT Yellow Gold Australian Opal & Diamond Earrings This Gorgeous Pair of 14KT Yellow Gold Opal Earrings feature blue, green, orange, yellow, and red dazzling flashes that dance and play amidst a dark base throughout each of the the precious gemstones. The precious opal gemstones are encased in high-quality bezel settings for added protection to ensure your gift from mother nature is tight and secure. A single small diamond has been delicaely placed above the stone for that added brilliance and glamour. These once in a lifetime treasures will surely be passed down generation by generation. Timeless treasures that are perfect for everyday wear, residing on your ears. The Opal Gemstones are 100% genuine and ethically sourced from quality mines in Australia.

(1) 14KT Yellow Gold & Diamond Australian Opal Necklace This Luxurious 14KT Yellow Gold & Diamond Australian Opal Necklace features brilliant gem quality green and blue colored flashes in a breathtaking modern design. A high quality 14KT Yellow Gold setting wraps around and dangles the bright Opal Gemstone creating remarkable brilliance while protecting the precious gemstone. The piece renders complete with a singe small Diamond which has been delicately placed along the bail for that added brilliance and glamour. This Yellow Gold Australian Opal necklace is exceptionally rare and the only one of its kind. Seen from across the room, the ideal compliment to any outfit and is perfect for day wear or an evening out. Ready to wear, a base metal plated chain is included. Would you prefer to compliment your 14KT Gold Opal pendant with a 14KT Gold chain? No worries mate! We offer 14KT Gold Chains along with plenty of other upgrade choices to compliment your gorgeous Opal treasure. To upgrade, simply click and select your choice from the drop down menu below! 100% genuine, and ethically sourced Opal from quality mines in Australia.

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COLOR : Multi color
PATTERN : Broad Flash
OPAL TYPE : Triplet
ADTL. INFO. : Bright rainbow colors change dramatically in Opal because of the diffraction of light passing through tiny silica spheres in its microstructure. We have used close up photography, items may appear larger than actual size depending on screen sizes
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5.05-review-iconVerified buyer reviews

  • William W. Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    "The piece I ordered was exactly as described, and the shipping time was very fast. The pictures on the website were very accurate and not retouched. My wife absolutely loved her gift and is now a huge fan of opals! I will definitely be purchasing from Australian Opal Direct in the future."

  • Douglas & Rosalie Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    " Rosalie's Ring was delivered today and it is just beautiful!!!! We are very pleased with everything that we ordered. We want to thank you and everyone at Australian Opal Direct for your honesty and ethical standards with all our orders. We would gladly recommend you and Australian Opal Direct to anyone."

  • Brenda Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    I purchased two necklaces from Australia Opal Direct and I absolutely love them both! They will definitely be my go to for future Opal purchases. Each piece is unique and beautiful! The flashes of color are absolutely mesmerizing. The chains they came with were very nice as well. Thank you so much for such stunning pieces!

  • Kasandra Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    My husband recently purchased a necklace and ring from Australian Opal Direct as a birthday gift. I have always loved how beautiful Opals are however I never owned one. The Opals I received were beyond my expectation. The colors were absolutely stunning. I get complements on the ring and necklace daily. Thank you so much!

  • Lia Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    I bought Opal earrings and a matching Opal Ring from Australian Opal Direct. I love it! This is exactly what I wanted. The color is absolutely amazing and the personalized service was great. I will definitely be purchasing more Opal Jewellery with them. Thank you very much!!!

  • Jeff Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    I was looking for some opals for my wife and found your website. You have the most beautiful selection of opal jewelry we’ve seen. There are so many choices and color combinations. The sample videos are very helpful to see all the colors in each stone. She picked out a pair she liked. Shipping was very fast. We received them in a couple days. They look even better in person. We will definitely be ordering more opals from you.

  • Heidi Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    Beautiful stone and setting. I can not stop looking at it. It is so beautiful the way the colors come out when the light hits the stone. The setting is a piece of work too, the design and craftsmanship of the silver is outstanding. The size of the pendant is perfect too. I really can’t say enough about this piece. I highly recommend getting one for yourself!

  • Donna Verified Buyer small-5-stars

    Renee and Australian Opal Direct Team- My order arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled. I look forward to Christmas morning and sharing the gift with my husband. Thank you again for reaching out during my purchase process. I'm also delighted by the white opal earrings. I don't have a picture because the set are wrapped and under the Christmas tree, a special gift to my husband for a special, milestone Christmas. The pictures and video provided by Australian Opal Direct are accurate representations of the set except it must be nearly impossible to completely capture the true glow and magnetism of these opals in an image. The vibrancy and depth of the opals against the sterling silver is a striking contrast and I'm hoping my husband is as enamored as I am. In the process of purchasing this set I ended up in contact with a member of the Australian Opal Direct team and the customer service I received was a level of quality and care that all buyers dream of. I absolutely recommend purchasing from Australian Opal Direct. The opals are gorgeous, the customer service is phenomenal.

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