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100% Australian Opal, Ethically Mined from the Earth

Opal Heart Jewelry

Love for this Planet Earth


Opal is considered one of the most unique, diverse and extraordinary Precious Gemstones. Unlike crystals and other gemstones, one Opal can never be replicated twice. Opal does not have a defined crystalline structure and features every color of the rainbow often referred to as "play of color". It can take on many shapes and multiple colors. Each Opal gemstone is one of a kind to fit a unique soul like yourself.opal-heart-ring-1.jpg


 Heart Shaped Opals have become extremely popular. They are more than just a present for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, it is a symbol of love. Taking millions of years for the Silica gel to solidify in the Earth as it converts into Precious Opal,  rough cut and loose Opal Gemstones are more common to see, but it is not as easy to come across an Opal Gem cut into a heart shape. Opal has been in the hearts and minds of mankind for thousands of years due to Opal taking an exceptionally long time to form.


What better way to wear a piece of history than in the shape of a heart to resemble love? Love for this extraordinary planet, love for others, and most importantly love for oneself.

 Be a part of this historical lineage as your miraculous Opal Gem makes its way to you.