Australian Opal

Australian Opal

Posted by Australian Opal Direct on 10th Oct 2022

Australian Opal, often revered as a "water stone," forms gradually beneath the Earth's surface over millions of years. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this precious gem is believed to offer health benefits and healing properties. Similar to the flowing waters of a river, Australian Opal is thought to bring balance, smoothness, and clarity to one's life, creating a unique connection between the gem and its wearer.

In addition to its purported healing qualities, Opal is associated with fostering creativity and enhancing feelings of love and romance. The opal's diverse colors and patterns symbolize the harmonious interplay of different elements in life, encouraging artistic expression and deeper emotional connections. This multifaceted aspect contributes to the opal's allure, extending its significance beyond mere visual beauty.

Australia hosts three main types of Opal, each with its unique extraction techniques. White Australian Opals from Coober Pedy are extracted with methods tailored to local geological conditions. Black Australian Opals from Lightning Ridge, known for vibrant colors, require specific extraction techniques adapted to challenging terrains. Australian Boulder Opals from Queensland, showcasing stunning formations, demand specialized methods to preserve their integrity. This geographical diversity adds to the opal's mystique, making it a symbol of Australia's rich natural treasures.

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