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100% Australian Opal, Ethically Mined from the Earth


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Posted by Renee Tasic on

Our flagship store located in Winton, Queensland and is next door to the “OPALTON MINES” in Outback Australia. At the mines, we are uniquely positioned to offer newly sourced Opal material at miner direct prices. If you're an Opal enthusiast, this years Opal Tradeshow in Winton Queensland was the place to be. Between rough and cut Opal to everything from Boulder Opal to Black Opal and White Opal there was something for everyone at this years Opal Festival. Our flagship store, Winton Opal Gems on the corner of Elderslie St. was definitely happening. From Opal miners to designers and jewelers, there was something for everyone inside Winton's favorite Opal Shop!

We recently acquired two 110 year old Opalised Fossil Shells from Coober Pedy. These sea animals where alive well before the Dinosaurs had come into existence! Finding these precious fossils is rare, finding them Opalised is even more rare! Check out this exclusive video featuring Discovery Channels, Cole Duff of "Outback Opal Hunters" who explains more about these priceless fossils.

The new lucky owners of these priceless Gem Quality Opalised Fossils live in Melbourne and Outback Queensland.

If you’re interested in Opalised Fossils from Australia, be sure to click the link below to view what's currently for sale on the website.